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Music-related associations

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Music Association of Germany
DMR German Music Council e.V.

DMV German Music Publishers Association e.V.

DRMV German Rock & Pop Music Association e.V.

DTV German Lyricists Association e.V.

DKV German Composers’ Association e.V.

GEMA Society for Musical Performing Rights and Mechanical Reproduction Rights (collecting society for composers, lyricists and music publishers)

GVL Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten (Society for the Exploitation of Performance Rights for Performing Artists/ Producers of Phonograms)

IFPI German National Group of the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) e.V.

CCLI Christian Copyright Licensing Deutschland GmbH, Licensing Agency

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Related fields of law (Intellectual Property Law)

(The following websites are in German)

IPRECHT.DE: Intellectual property (registration and defence of patents, trademarks, designs, domains, varieties, etc.), technical law (computer law, telecommunications law, etc.) as well as declarations, contracts, clauses and judgments, etc. in this regard at (presented by attorney Michael Horak).

The offers under further information particularly on the topic of mark right & – protection. offers detailed information on advertising and competition law.

TheUrheberrechtler offers exclusive information on copyright and ancillary copyright law.

The German Patent and Trade Mark Office provides comprehensive assistance on all “registrable” intellectual property rights.

The Bundessortenamt provides a wealth of information on plant variety protection and seed law.

The American association AIPLA presents its activities in the field of intellectual property on The International Association for Intellectual Property ( also offers corresponding content.

A highly multi-layered information platform on all topics of the European Union, including its legal acts, opinions, etc. can be found on its official server


Berlin Court of Appeal

Brandenburg Higher Regional Court

Braunschweig Higher Regional Court

Celle Higher Regional Court

Dresden Higher Regional Court

Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court

Higher Regional Court Frankfurt am Main

Higher Regional Court Hamburg

Hamm Higher Regional Court

Karlsruhe Higher Regional Court

Koblenz Higher Regional Court

Cologne Higher Regional Court

Munich Higher Regional Court

Nuremberg Higher Regional Court

Oldenburg Higher Regional Court

Jena Higher Regional Court

Saarbrücken Higher Regional Court

Higher Regional Court Schleswig

Stuttgart Higher Regional Court

Aachen Regional Court

Arnsberg Regional Court

Aschaffenburg Regional Court

Bayreuth Regional Court

Bielefeld Regional Court

Bochum Regional Court

Bonn Regional Court

Bückeburg Regional Court

Brunswick Regional Court

Düsseldorf Regional Court

Essen Regional Court

Regional Court Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt an der Oder Regional Court

Hanover Regional Court

Itzehoe Regional Court

Kassel Regional Court

Kiel Regional Court

Cologne Regional Court

Magdeburg Regional Court

Munich Regional Court I

Münster Regional Court

Paderborn Regional Court

Potsdam Regional Court

Regensburg Regional Court

Regional Court Siegen

Verden Regional Court

Würzburg Regional Court

Hanover, Opernplatz

Administrative Supreme Courts

Bavarian Administrative Court

Higher Administrative Court of Lower Saxony

Higher Administrative Court of the Saarland

Higher Administrative Court of Thuringia

Administrative Court Frankfurt/Main

Administrative Court Lüneburg

Administrative Court Munich

Administrative Court Oldenburg

Administrative Court Weimar

State Labour Court of Baden-Württemberg

Düsseldorf Regional Labour Court

Regional Labour Court Cologne

Regional Labour Court Munich

Nuremberg Regional Labour Court

State Labour Court Schleswig-Holstein

Thuringia Regional Labour Court

General links to legal topics:

horak . Attorneys at Law:
Intellectual Property, Competition, Technology

Intellectual Property (IP) by RA Dipl.-Ing. Michael Horak

Trademark law: search, registration and defence of trademark rights

Patent law: Information on German, European and international patent law

Copyright: Basic principles of copyright law

Music law: Information on U/E music with model contracts

IP Law/ IT Law: Page on IP/IT Legal Issues

Online eligibility/Internet law: Fundamentals of Internet law

Competition law: Advertising law

Food law: food law, food hygiene, food labelling

Domain law: Information on domain name law

UDRP-/ADR domain arbitration proceedings: Out-of-court, fast dispute resolution of domain disputes

Media Law: Copyright Law, Media Law, Music Law, Film Law, Television Law, Publishing Law, Event Law

Food law/pharmaceutical law/pharmaceutical advertising law: Information on health law

Energy Law, Energy Industry Law: Page on Energy Law

Lawyer for IT law: legal information on information technology law

European law: Law of the European Union, Eu

Commercial law: Legal practice on commercial law topics

Company Law Hanover: Information on Company Law

Legal debt collection: Department for debt collection / debt management

Commercial Law Hanover: Legal representation on commercial law, commercial agency law, customs law

Wirtschaftsrecht Hannover: Legal information on commercial law in Hanover

Insolvenzrecht Hannover: Regular Insolvency Proceedings / Private Insolvency Proceedings

Animal law: Fundamentals of animal law, veterinary law, animal purchase law, animal owner liability (in each case with small animal law/large animal law – in particular also horse law)

Lawyer for medical malpractice liability law: Office page on medical malpractice liability law/patient law

Public procurement law: Information on public tendering / awarding of contracts

Law firm in Hanover: AGB-/Internet-/Aahnungsrecht (AGB-/Internet-/Wahnungsrecht)

Anwalt für Arbeitsrecht in Hannover: Employment law information on employment law

Warning against reprimand: Music download / film download warning (so-called file sharing warning or warning due to alleged uploads)

Engineering Law: Information on Building Law, Architects’ Law and Engineering Law

Fachanwalt Hannover: Specialist attorney for intellectual property law/ Specialist attorney for copyright and media law in Hannover

Court Proceedings Attorney: Appointment representation/ sub-authorization in Lower Saxony, Hamburg and Bremen

Applications for industrial property rights:

Trademark application in D/EU/IR: Form for trademark application/trademark consultation

Trademark Application in Austria: Form for Trademark Protection in Austria

Worldwide trademark applications: Implementation of national, regional and international trademark applications in all countries where this is possible

Patent application/Patent protection in D/EU/PCT: Commissioning of patent searches, patent applications and utility model applications

Design protection (formerly: design protection): search, application and defence of designs

Full service trademark protection: trademark search/ trademark monitoring/ trademark application

Fixed trademark: legal trademark applications in Germany, trademark protection in the EU, international trademarks and Chinese trademarks

Discount trademark protection: bundled packages for the implementation of trademark applications

Brand protection packages: Application packages for the registration of trademarks

Brand research packages: Carrying out trademark/name searches, in particular for advertising agencies, trademark portfolio owners and multi-brand applicants

EU trademark application: EU Trademark Application Form

EU Trademark Protection: Brand Conqueror Short Page

Community trade mark protection: EU trade mark application

International trademark application: IR Trademark Application Form

Protection of figurative marks:Word and figurative mark application form

Protection of company names: Form for name protection/trademark protection

Name protection: Protection of word marks

Protecting a trademark: Page on trademark protection

Trademark searches/trademark protection: Staged offers for the implementation of a trademark application

Trade mark opposition: Opposition proceedings concerning trade marks applied for/registered

Cancellation: Cancellation proceedings for registered trademarks

Trademark search: Trademark search form

Similarity search for trade marks: search for similar signs

Company search: Search for company name/ trademarks


IP rights and IT rights blog: Current topics from the fields of IP/IT

Blog on trademark law: legal news about trademarks

Copyright blog: Legal news on copyright/ ancillary copyright law

Blog on patent law: Information on patents/patent law

Privacy rights blog: Privacy Blog

IP Law Blog: Intellectual Property Law News

English language landing pages:

horak Law Firm: English page of the law firm

IP Law in Germany: English language information on intellectual property

Trademark Applications: Trademark Application Form

Trademark Filing: English-language site for trademark registration

Trademark Lawyers: English information on trademark law

Patent Filer: English form for patent application in D/EU/PCT

Copyright Lawyer: English language copyright information

Online Law/ Internet Law: English-language website on Internet Law

Health Lawyer: English-language page on health law

Other pages:

Creative safe: deposit of intellectual property works

Reputation Defender: Privacy Protection/ Reputation on the Internet

Eyepi: “IP” services; Page of IP Services

Servip: IP related services

Ingenieurbüro für Elektrotechnik: Consulting Engineer